bojan maric

  • BA in Sports and Physical culture at University of Belgrade,
  • more than 15 years experience as triathlon coach of elite and age group triathletes including Sava Sajko (3rd M20-24 Lousanne Euro Champs 2004, 20th Junior Euro Cup List 2002),
  • more than 20 years experience in distance running and more than15 years in triathlon,
  • 14 time Ironman finisher.
  • Ironman World Championship 2007 qualifier/finisher.


Due to limitations of online training – lack of coach’s physical presence – 3coach.com service is focused on age group triathletes who either have developed a satisfactory level of triathlon skills, or who can complement my coaching program with a secondary coach or clinique which can improve these skills – most important and demanding of these skills is swimming technique which requires constant improvements and maintenance at any level.

I also believe elite and youth athletes demand much more attention which online training can not offer.

If you are an age group triathlete that competes in sprint, olympic, half-Ironman and Ironman distance you will benefit from 3coach.com. My training plans are not designed in long period blocks but I design them week per week. Each week is based on your periodization, your feedback from previous workouts and tests, and my overall estimate of your performance. Your plan can be flexible to meet all your individual needs, resources and abilities like work and travel schedule.

My goal is to coach a limited number of triathletes (~ 10) in order to achieve the maximum in our collaboration. More athletes would require me to compromise the quality.


  • Flexible custom-designed weekly program (click for demo)
  • One-on-one consultation (email with max. 2 day reply delay, chat, skype and phone with appointment)
  • Season planning (race schedule, periodization, tapering)
  • Race strategy and tactics
  • Technique, equipment and nutritional consultations (training and race specific)


(in alphabetical order)

Branislav Jevtic (SRB): Ironman Zurich 2008 (M40 12:08) – first Ironman.
Djordje Djordjevic (SRB): Ironman Austria 2006 (M30 10:20).
Esvi Carrasquedo(MEX): Ironman Cozumel 2009 (M35 11:26) – first Ironman.
Josip Zivkovic (CRO): Ironman Zurich 2009 (M40 9:42). Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifier.
Kelly Crouse (USA): West Point Lake triathlon 2009 first place in Masters overall.
Milos Kostic (CAN): Ironman M65 4x Ironman World Champion. M65 Ironman World Record Holder.
Nemanja Pavlovic (USA): Ironman 70.3 Pucon (M25 4:59).
Nikola Jevtic (SRB): Ironman 70.3 Austria (M18 4:43 - 11th of 70) – first Ironman 70.3.
Richard Stoutner (USA): Ironman Austria 2008 (M35 10:06) – first Ironman. 2x Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifier; Ironman Cozumel 2009 (3rd place M40 09:51) KONA 2010 QUALIFIER; Boston Marathon 2010 qualifier…
Sava Sajko (SRB): ITU U23.
Svetlana Blazevic (SRB): ITU World Cup & Ironman; Ironman Australia 2009 10th WPRO.
Zoran Grahovac (CRO): Challenge Roth 2008 (M25 9:53).

And many others…


$275.00 / month (4 months minimum)

For more information or if you want to discuss a different kind of a collaboration feel free to contact me.

Bojan Maric